The Code Managed Marketing Services
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The Code Managed Marketing Services

The Code is a modern startup restaurant "Burger joint" looking to startup with Only Location and Branding "Logo" developed and a range of tasty menu items, the Code were looking for a Managed services partner and Digital arm for the Brand.



Extended Branding Services in addition to Website development & Social Media accounts management, in addition to HR Management System & Customer Relationship Management System through full Managed services package "Consolidated Fees"


Scope of Project:

  • Branding Services and ready for print designs.
  • Online & Offline content development.
  • Social Media accounts management.
  • Website Development.
  • HRMS "Mawared".
  • CRM "Edara".


  • Design and branding of restaurant materials "Boxes, cups, napkins, uniforms ..etc".
  • Research the proper materials and printing houses.
  • Website development and management including support services.
  • Social Media strategy and management including engagement and listening.
  • Marketing activities and promotions "annual planning and management".
  • Human Resources management system implementation "Mawared".
  • Customer relationship management system implementation "Edara".