Public Relations

Managed Public Relations Services
and media management.

Branding Services

Brand Ideation, Rebranding
Development & Design.


Digital & Traditional Advertisement
And Campaigns Management.


Building strategic partnerships
And sponsorship relations.


Managed Marketing, Loyalty
& Retention services.


Corporate Social Responsibility
Programs development and management.

Why Ohjiya Media?

We are an extended unit of your existing business, we aim to elevate your Brand impact through coordinated and Media orchestrated cooperative edge through Media activities and PR initiatives.

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A Bang for your Buck!

Optimize and control your media spending by over 60% through "Ohjiya Meida" Managed Services.

We Do both Digital & Traditional!

We believe that a Hybrid Media strategy is vital, on the other hand distributing the impact is what we perfect in both "Ohjiya Media + Ohjiya Digital & Tech".

Understand your Business like no other!

We Propose, develop and implement strategies based on fact and data collected through Media monitoring tools and mediums allowing you to understand the demographics and segments you are targeting.

Looking for More Media Impact?

If you are looking for a way to maximize the impact...well look no more

Looking for More Media Impact?

Looking for More Media Impact?

A Division specialized in Digital Media "Social Media Management"
and Technology Solutions providing Ohjiya owned platforms
or customized based on requirements both Web & Mobile Apps
in addition to Enterprise Solutions.
Let us be the last peace of your puzzle

Let us be the last peace of your puzzle

A Division specialized in Business & People providing
HR, Project Management, Corporate & Internal Communications
managed services in addition to to empowerment of transformation initiatives.